What's Wrong With This Picture?

by digby

Here are who the Telegraph considers to be the 50 most influential political pundits in America. The following are the top choices starting with number 10, Mark Halperin, all the way down to number 1, Karl Rove:

The only good news here is that Maureen Dowd is not among them.

I have long held that the reason so many people hate liberals in this country is because the right convinced them that all of those pictured above who are not right wing icons --- are liberal. No wonder they hate us. With the exception of Jon Stewart, they are all immense jackasses.

The list includes a few Democratic political operatives and a handful of intelligent liberals like Paul Krugman and Rachel Maddow who are listed at 48 and 50, but for the most part they are rich, mainstream gasbags and conservative dickheads.

I have no idea what criteria the Telegraph used to make these judgments (and they seem not to make any distinction between political operatives and pundits) but I don't think they are far off in their assessments, even if they were made for the wrong reasons. They are the most influential --- and that's the problem. When three of the top liberal pundits in the country are actually comedians (no matter how funny), you know there's a problem.

But hey, the fact that a sociopath like Michael Savage even makes the list should tell you just how screwed up our national discourse really is.