Prima Donna Bloviators

by digby

Now here's some trivial, insider gossip made just for us blogofascists. Who are the most loathed cable gasbags among their peers? Well, it's the usual suspects, with a couple of surprises.

I wasn't expecting this guy to be an orange juice thrower, for instance:

Host, Special Report With Brit Hume

Hume, who will step down as host of Special Report after the election, but will stay on as managing editor of Fox News, has a reputation for being the most understated personality on a roster stuffed with loudmouths. Unfortunately, to many in the industry, his quiet patina masks a nasty streak. "He drips with sarcasm and self-importance," claims a former senior producer at Larry King Live who dealt with Hume in the past. "He used to be a class act, but he got toxic real fast after drinking too much of the Fox Kool-Aid." And while Hume is a model of restraint on air (some might call him smug), frequent outbursts behind the scenes have done little to endear him to his younger staffers. "There was one meeting a few years back when he got so pissed off he threw a full carton of orange juice across the room," says a onetime researcher who is now out of the business altogether. "He can be incredibly snippy and dismissive if you don't do things his way."

Hume always reminded me a little bit Kevin Drum a little bit in terms of looks and temperament (certainly not politics.) So I was surprised to find out that he was a diva, which Kevin most certainly is not.

Check out the rest of the article. I particularly like Tucker Carlson saying "most people in cable news are assholes. If they're not assholes, they have dysfunctional sex lives. But they're usually assholes." I mean, self awareness is always a very rare commodity among television personalities, but Tucker ... dude.