Why They Hate Us

by digby

I don't have it in me today to do another full take-down on Richard Cohen, although he surely deserves it. Just read this vapid pile of drivel and judge for yourself.

The only thing that anyone ever has to know about Richard Cohen to decide whether his political judgment is even remotely worth paying attention to is this, which he wrote in November of 2000:

"Given the present bitterness, given the angry irresponsible charges being hurled by both camps, the nation will be in dire need of a conciliator, a likable guy who will make things better and not worse. That man is not Al Gore. That man is George W. Bush."

Today he writes this bizarre statement:

The next president will have to be something of a political Superman, a man of steel who can tell the American people that they will have to pay more for less -- higher taxes, lower benefits of all kinds -- and deal in an ugly way when nuclear weapons seize the imagination of madmen.

Richard Cohen and others like him who play the role of "liberal" in the mainstream media are the reason why so many people hate liberals. They're idiots.