All American Insult

by digby

Cokie Roberts said today that Obama shouldn't be going on vacation anywhere that has the "look of a foreign exotic place" and should go to Myrtle Beach instead. Apparently, Hawaii isn't quite American enough for Cokie and her provincial pals in the beltway, even though it's one of the 50 states.

I remember that Clinton got dinged right after he was elected for vacationing in Santa Barbara because it was too "California." Unless you're a Republican presidential candidate apparently you shouldn't go to any western beach, much less to Hawaii, unless you want to be called a foreign fag. You have to go to a Cokie approved place like Myrtle Beach where they have Real Americans. Maybe he could eat some pork while he's there, this proving that he isn't a Muslim. (Of course, then Cokie and her gossipy little village friends would condemn him for pandering and being "inauthentic.")

Obama went to high school in Hawaii, his grandmother and his sister and her family still live there. It's his real home state. The idea that he can't go there because it's too foreign is truly insulting to the Americans who live there. Evidently Obama isn't going to be allowed to go anywhere but Iowa and Illinois without being suspected of some sort of traitorous foreignness by the beltway gasbags. Well played Mr Rove.