American Dream X-Treme

by digby

Richard Blair at All Spin Zone writes today about how the right successfully paints the Democrats as elites.

I found this image illustrating McCain and Obama's tax plans to be most intriguing:

To me, the Democrats should be able to rest their case on that alone.But because the right has been so successful in portraying vast wealth as the result of some sort of Randian heroics that Americans don't grasp just what a scam McCain's tax plan really is.

I don't know how to change that. Every American seems to think he or she will be wealthy one day and therefore we must preserve the system that protects their future wealth. (I think it may be some sort of mass delusion that comes from reading too many articles in People magazine celebrating the vast wealth of talentless TV stars. ("If they can do it, I certainly can!")

But this may not be as easy in the coming years as it once was. This new economic era will likely not be as comfy as we're used to(although we'll still have plenty of entertainment opiates to distract us) and that rising tide lifts all boats thing may look increasingly like the Ponzi scheme it really is. But I'm, not sure of it. Americans are so attracted to this American Dream X-Treme that I don't know if they'll ever wise up.

You have to wonder how anyone could look at that chart and think they will be better off economically under McCain. It takes a very "special" kind of optimism.