Avoiding Bush

by tristero

The latest news from Iraq:
A suicide bomber killed 25 people in an attack on a line of would-be Iraqi police recruits outside a police station in Diyala Province on Tuesday, Iraqi security officials said.

The security officials said the bomber, a man wearing an explosive belt, blew himself up at 10.45 a.m. near the line of volunteers who were standing outside a government building in the Martyrs’ district of Jalawla, 50 miles west of the Iranian border.
I find it hard to square news like this with general tone of the political conventions this year. One would expect Republicans to run like crazy from Bush's war, of course. And everything else Bush.

But so far, the Democratic convention has gone out of its way to avoid the unpleasant fact that for the past eight years, the US has been presided over by malicious, willfully ignorant fools who have unleashed unspeakable carnage by invading, conquering, and occupying a country which never attacked the US; who have elevated torture to an official government policy; who looked on with indifference - to the extent they looked at all - as Americans drowned in their own sewage; who have systematically destroyed the American system of justice; who have wrecked the economy; and who have ensured that young Americans continue to receive an incomplete and distorted education about the world.

I could go on, and on, and on about the sheer incompetence, ignorance and betrayal of American values Republicans like John McCain represent. It's not hard. So it simply defies belief that the Democratic convention would deliberately avoid - as it clearly has - mentioning Bush's name, the worst president ever, and - not so coincidentally-a Republican. It simply defies belief that no one is making the point that McCain has proactively aided, abetted, and now seeks to continue nearly all of Bush' misbegotten, if not criminal, activities. Yet that is what is going on. The predictable result? A nail-bitingly close race that should be a rout.

Meanwhile, the slaughter and the horrors Bush and his Republican henchmen inflicted on the world go on. And the likelihood that that they will continue in January, under a president who makes Bush look smart, increases.

It's Bush, stupid. It's Republicans, stupid.