by digby

One final word on Biden Day. When Al Gore named Lieberman in the summer of 2000, I hung my head for a good long while and nearly cried. It was a sign of total capitulation to the right wing's attacks of the previous eight years. That choice of VP was a low point.

Biden doesn't make me feel that way. He's a Washington insider, with all that that implies, but at least he hasn't spent his career making the social conservatives' case for them. He is undisciplined and unpredictable --- but I have to tell you, I think the Obama campaign could use a little bit of that at this point. They are control freaks and I don't think it's such a bad thing for them to have a little bit of a loose cannon in their midst. Maybe it will shake things up. It's a good sign that they picked someone who wasn't completely "safe."

They could have done a lot worse --- and if Biden can speak the language of the working class Dems (even if his record speaks to the typical beltway fealty to big business) then he is an asset.