How Convenient

by digby

Vice President Dick Cheney will not make an appearance at the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next month, according to sources in his office. Cheney has not sought a speaking slot at the convention, nor has his staff sought a role for him at the convention.

The McCain campaign has not gone out of its way to reach out to Cheney, though a segment of conservative Republicans had been pressing the campaign to include Cheney in the convention agenda.

"Conservatives still think highly of him and are enthusiastic supporters whenever he speaks," says a leading conservative who has spoken to the campaign about Cheney. "For a campaign that has largely failed in reaching out to conservatives, reaching out to Cheney wouldn't be a bad idea."

McCain and Cheney famously do not get along, and with McCain's focus being almost exclusively on attracting independents and women to the polls, it's not a surprise that engaging Cheney isn't on the top of his list.

McCain and Cheney famously don't get along? I guess they don't like each other because each reminds the other of himself because I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference between them. In fact, McCain's personality seems like the perfect amalgam of Junior and Cheney --- juvenile, arrogant, bullying and mean.

I'm surprised they haven't figured out a way to keep Bush out of there but since he's still the president they sort of have to let him appear. If they could send him to Crawford instead, I'm quite sure they would. The last thing Republicans want right now is for the American public to be reminded of the last eight years just before they go to vote.