Leader Of The Pack

by digby

It looks like Ron Fournier earned his conservative merit badge on this one. The whole CNN crew is parroting his line about the Biden choice being a sign of weakness.

Eric Boehlert masterfully exposed Fournier's right wing hackishness a while back, so there's no need to reprise the story here. He's very, very good at amplifying the nasty little story lines the Republicans want to put in the mouths of the mewling kewl kidz. He's going to be a big problem.

And speaking of Boehlert, I'm happy to report that he and his colleague at Media Matters, Jamison Foser, have started a blog called County Fair. I've long felt that we needed more of Boehlert and Foser than once a week and now we have it.

(You guys realize that you are now officially dirty hippies, don't you? Welcome to our world.)

Update: The Politico takes note of the liberal blogosphere's annoyance at Fournier.

I, for one, am equally annoyed at the rest of the frat pack for running with it.