Tase R Nation

by digby

If you're not following the story of these raids in Minneapolis, you should be. Of course, you can be forgiven since the news media feel it's necessary to give Bobby Jindal hours of airtime and don't have any to spare once they are through analyzing the impact of the hurricane on John McCain's heroic POW experience in North Vietnam, but still ...

Here's a list of links gathered by John Emerson at Seeing the Forest. This really is unamerican. but then, it's nothing new for the authorities to be unamerican, is it? In fact, considering our history and ongoing willingness to put up with this stuff, one has to conclude that it's actually quite American after all:

Glen Greenwald and Firedoglake have been following this closely.

DNC - RNC - Troops Out Now (an activist group).

Legal Team.

Legal team's twitter update.

Minnesota Indymedia.

Minnesota Blue (a liberal Democratic site).

Minneapolis Star Tribune Convention page.

Google Blogsearch: "Republican + convention + arrests".

Googlenews search: "Republican + convention + arrests".

Cut and paste these:

www.theuptake.org The Uptake

www.submedia.tv The Stimulator

www.tcdailyplanet.net Twin Cities Daily Planet

www.minnesotaindependent.com The Minnesota Independent

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. How would a heroic POW handle a hurricane? Why, heroically, of course. He will chase that hurricane into the gates of hell.