Waiting For The One

by digby

FWIW, John Judis has a comprehensive take of the state of the campaign that I think is worth reading. It doesn't take the good TV moments at this convention into account (or his speech tonight) but his overview of the campaign thus far and his observation that the ground game must be targeted to be effective is worth considering.

Finally, if anyone is seriously telling Obama to change his speaking style, I certainly hope nobody in the campaign listens. As Judis says, at this point, if there is a problem it's message not style. Obama is a gifted orator and he should not try to change that. It would be like telling Bush to stop being a dumbass in 2004--- it's the thing that people love the most about him. Let Obama be Obama -- it got him this far and it will take him all the way.

Meanwhile, if McNasty picks him for VP, I'm looking forward to seeing Lieberman give his big conversion to the pro-life cause speech. I would expect hair shirts and self flagellation. And I don't honestly see why it wouldn't work on the Christian Right. Holy Joe didn't get his nickname because of his undarned socks. He's a longtime social conservative. (And hey, if CW favorite Flip Flop Romney can get away with it, why not Joe?)