Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

by dday

Either we're ruled by idiots, or we're ruled by people who think we're idiots, but either explanation is no excuse:

The Bush administration suggested yesterday that an apparent cease-fire in Georgia came about because Moscow feared it would be banished from Western-dominated international economic and political institutions if it did not stop its "aggression" in the former Soviet republic.

"Russia has one foot into the international community . . . and one foot that is not," a senior administration official said. Membership in institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the Group of Eight major industrialized nations "is what is at stake when Russia engages in behavior that looks like it came from another time."

Yeah, that was it. It wasn't that there was no need for Putin to occupy a fractious republic because they see the model of an imperialist power being bled dry by trying to control the territory of a people who reject their presence.

I hate to interrupt the "we did it!" party at the White House, but we actually aren't always the central factor in global conflicts. The biggest evidence of that being that Russia is still moving military convoys inside Georgia.

...does this remind anyone else of the warbloggers sitting in their basements and thinking they were winning the Iraq war by posting a snarky comment?