Crisis Manager

by dday

Reuters reports and the teevee tells me that John McCain is suspending his campaign and heading to Washington to work on the bailout bill. He also wants Friday night's debate cancelled.

Strong, stately General Patton John McCain is dashing into Washington to make everything all better. I expect the pundit swoon any second now.

John McCain sure is managing a crisis, all right. Only the crisis is his failing campaign, and this is his brain trust's big plan to fix it.

Update: by digby ---

I actually think this is pretty savvy. He doesn't want to give the country a chance to see the two of them together right now and make the logical comparisons. He also wants to show that he can "take charge" in a crisis and the optics of this are that he's rushing back to to Washington to knock some heads together.

But, this is the second time in a month that McCain has grandstanded like this. First it was "suspending" the convention because of the hurricane and now this. At some point, someone should point out that leadership requires something more than canceling events and posturing for the cameras.

I would love to see Obama say that he agrees to go back to Washington and hold the debate on the floor of the senate --- about the economy.

... (by dday) Is the plan for McCain to go to Capitol Hill and tell them to "cut the bullshit"? And get this, Obama called McCain this morning to issue a joint statement on conditions for the bailout. McCain agreed to it, then pulled this stunt. Obama's about to speak in a minute...

...It's also interesting that this happened moments after CBS News released a piece of their interview with Sarah Palin today, where she intimated that the country is headed for a Great Depression if we don't fast-track the bailout. This'll take the edge off of that.