Hacks Say Enough To St. John. And That's The Way McCain Likes It.

by tristero

We learn today that the scales have fallen from the fishy eyes of more and more of America's Greatest Pundits in re: St. John McCain:
All admired John McCain, all held him in the highest regard, and all of have been disgusted as McCain has descended into a Republican hack.
The technical term for that sentence is "a huge crock of shit." Today, Somerby tells the shocking truth:
There never was a saint named McCain; that was the press corps’ imagination.
The context is McCain's Confederate flag-flapping. Turns out he was for it before it was against it. Or maybe he was against it while he was pretending he was actually for it.

Or maybe he just didn't give much of a damn which side he was on just as long as it got votes. Which, we can say with definite assurance, McCain was for. As Someby howls:
This was Saint McCain playing the game! Later, when it no longer mattered, the great saint boo-hoo-hooed and blubbered about how much he despised that flag. It was almost like being a POW!
By the way, yes, the utterly truthless McCain really compared praising the Confederate flag to being a prisoner of war; it's in Somerby's post:
In his memoir "Worth the Fighting For," McCain describes the sickening sensation of renouncing his views about the Confederate flag to curry favor with South Carolina voters in 2000—"reading it as if I were making a hostage statement."
Apparently, it never occurred to America's crack - or most cracked - political reporters that McCain was then what he is now, a shameless, ignorant, lying, conniving filthy-rich political opportunist.

Now the rubes - sorry, I meant, hacks - have all turned against him. Ooooh, that'll show Senator Forked Tongue! But of course it won't. In fact, McCain deliberately alienated them because he thinks it will be a political plus. Having discredited the national mainstream media - admittedly, a trivial easy task - then McCain can, and does assert that anything they print about his lies, Palin's lies, and the conjoined relationship they both have with the Unseen One - George "Codpiece" Bush - anything they print that is derogatory towards McCain is ipso facto too grossly biased to take seriously. Therefore, McCain is counting on the defection of the clowns. It makes it all that easier for him to whine and shore up enthusiasm for his lunatic, far-right base. Which is what this, and Palin, is all about.

Will it work? Oh, you bet it will, and has. A man so ignorant and befuddled he doesn't know that who the prime minister of Spain is, who may not even be sure that Spain is in Europe, has remained even in the polls with one of the most knowledgeable and focused pair of Democratic candidates in modern history. Factor in America's racism; Fox News and its orcs; an energized, Palinized base; and some old fashioned subversion of voting rights and McCain can all but snort that Napalm In The Morning that means Victory.

The American media has been played for suckers for a very long time, but they are now starting to wake up. I don't care. Why? Because they shouldn't wake up. They should go out and get jobs they're good at, if such exist.

Because you can bet your bippy that if Obama gets elected, as he must, this Newly Awakened Press Corps will prove just how independent they are by investigating Obama on trivialities that will make the non-existent Whitewater scandal look as substantial as Republicans' Watergate, Iran/Contra, and attorney general scandals (to name but three from their ample portfolio). And you can bet that selfsame bippy that if McCain gets elected (God forbid), they will crawl on hands and knees to beg forgiveness for their mean treatment of President McCain. Hey! Show him some respect! Don't you know a long time ago, he was actually a brave man?