Lies And Lying

by tristero

Watch Rachel Maddow tell the truth and call McCain's lies..., well, she calls them lies.

Given that the GOP never goes tit for tat but escalates, we can expect, at minimum, 2nd tier Republicans to start calling Obama a liar. After all, racist GOP CongressCritters already feel emboldened enough to call Obama "uppity" - and not apologize. And they've called into question his patriotism.

So Obama's campaign, and the Dems in general, will need to double down and not back away from calling out lies when Republicans spread them (ie, whenever they open their traps). We'll see if they do.

UPDATE: Speaking of lies and liars, Katharine Seelye in the Times types a real howler in her lede:
Oprah Winfrey has said she will not interview Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the hottest political star in the firmament, and the decision is drawing negative reviews from many fans of the doyenne of daytime television.
Later, in the same post, Seelye writes: is clear that Ms. Winfrey doesn’t want her.
That is simply untrue and Seelye knows it. In short, Seelye's lying.

TRUE: Winfrey did express intense interest in interviewing Palin. After the election.

SEELYE KNOWS IT: Later in the same post, she writes:
Ms. Winfrey said she would be happy to interview Ms. Palin, but only after the November election.
Nor, despite what Seelye implies elsewhere in the post, is this evidence of "liberal media bias" because, as she writes:
[Winfrey] had pledged after endorsing Senator Barack Obama last year that she would not use her TV show to promote political candidates. Honoring that pledge, she declined to interview Senator Hillary Clinton during the primaries while she battled Mr. Obama for the Democratic nomination.
Ergo, Seelye is both lying outright and misleading elsewhere in her post.


UPDATE: The techncial term for this is "bullshit":, but it's pretty close to an outright lie:
Promising a 'very bipartisan approach' to how he'll run his administration, Sen. John McCain said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he would appoint Democrats to his Cabinet.
Democrats like the "Independent Democrat" Joseph Lieberman. Or maybe quisling Democrats.