The Meek Will Inherit Nothing

by tristero

Frank Zappa's great line came to mind when I saw this piece of shit approved by McCain/Bush. And let me tell you, my friends, this is mild compared to what's down the pike. Bombin' Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America!" Wright are getting ready for their closeup (wanna bet there are no Democratic ads tying McCain/Bush/Palin to the Tim McVeigh elements in the Republican party?*)

And after they're done smearing Obama - one of the most truthful, patriotic, and decent figures in American politics - as a Weatherman who hates America, I guarantee you that everyone in this country will next be told that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim for sure, a message John Mcain/Bush will personally approve. Then, when asked by an outraged media to explain this smear, McCain/Bush will duck the question and claim he's never seen the ad and doesn't know what Obama's "real beliefs" are, anyway.

BTW, did you know that McCain was tortured by the Black Muslims in 'Nam?

McCain/Bush has demonstrated that he will lie, distort, sewer-sniff, and literally do anything whatsoever to win this race. But to turn this around, neither Obama nor the rest of the Democrats have to go there. All they have to do is tell the truth about McCain/Bush - that he is not "born of corruption" but actually is a corrupt tool of special interests and has been his entire political career. All they have to do is inform Americans that it has been a loooong time since McCain/Bush behaved like anything other than a total coward. All they have to do is drive home that McCain/Bush has neither the programs nor the temperament to lead - and Obama will win, and probably handily so.

Do they have the guts? For the sake of this country's future, they better, but let's face it, they don't. (On a personal note, I will never forgive the Democratic party for this nailbiter, no matter who wins, but especially if Obama loses.) This is not a fight amongst gentleman in powdered wigs arguing about the legacy of the Enlightenment.** This is donkey-hunting from a helicopter and McCain/Bush's the guy with the gun in the chopper. Time for the Democrats to get off their asses and get some SAMs.

Note: Don't show me Obama's leading by two whole points in the polls. That is, for all intents and purposes, a tie. By any reality-based standard, this election should be a rout [UPDATE; and it isn't, on any level]. The Republicans fielded a buffoon and a sociopath while Democrats chose genuine leaders. Racism explains a lot of it. Media bias explains a lot of it. But it is also the case that Democrats are hellbent on avoiding mentioning anything that could possibly be thought "unclean" when the Republicans have demonstrated that no sewer is so foul they won't stoop to disgorge its stinking mess into the public discourse.


*You saying the Oklahoma City bomber wasn't a Republican? Well, you could've fooled me, especially after that emblematic Republican, Ann Coulter, said the only problem she had with Tim was his choice of targets. Besides to get technical about it, if you look at what I said, I was talking about the Tim McVeigh elements in the Republican party, ie people like the aforementioned McVeigh-loving Coulter. Actually, I know McVeigh isn't a Republican, just thought I'd try my hand at some Rovian politics. How does it feel? Put it this way: Only a Republican could act like Karl Rove and be able to sleep at night.

**And yes, those fellows in the powdered wigs included many ruthless politicians who often stooped at nothing to try to gain power.