Mr Fix It

by digby

I wrote a post below about McCain's head knocking style of governance joking that he seems to think he can bully his way into solutions to even the most complicated economic problems.

Well, it turns out that he really does:

The way I would fix Social Security is to sit down with Republicans and Democrats together at a table, voicing my opposition to tax increases, and sitting down and negotiating a fix to Social Security, which is the only way that Social Security is going to be fixed. That's my solution to the Social Security system.

I'm beginning to think George W. Bush is a deeply nuanced thinker by comparison. And I'm less concerned that Palin might become president if McCain passes on before his term is up. I don't see how she can be any worse than he is. They are pretty much the same person --- proudly ignorant, aggressive egomaniacs.

The country may be waking up from its Palin stupor. The Gallup tracking poll shows Obama ticking up as of last night. Anybody who watched Mccain speak about the economy these last two days has got to be a little bit concerned.

H/t to bb