Republicans And Their Goons

by tristero

There is still this bizarre perception among many Americans that Republicans are only a political party, not a gang of thugs in dreary ties. Chris Bowers begs to differ and I think he makes a damn good point:
An investigation is indeed necessary, but I am already pretty sure about what happened:

In August, protesters at the 2004 RNC successfully won police brutality lawsuits against the New York City police department.

So, a few days later, the Republican Party indemnified the St. Paul police for up to $10 million in the event that charges of police brutality would be brought against them.

Then, at the convention, the police went out and illegally beat up $10 million worth of progressives, including progressive media. It was a free beating for them.

In short, the Republican Party paid for $10 million of thuggery against progressives...

Basically, with no cause, police ran over and beat up some members of the progressive media. They did it because the money they will lose from civil suits over the matter has already been paid. So, of course the charges were dropped. There were no real charges. It was beating, paid for by the Republican Party, pure and simple.
There used to be a word for a political ideology that turns love of country into a vicious, fanatical nationalism. Their used to be a word to describe a political philosophy that elevates to the point of obsession a politician's charisma over the substance of her/his ideas. There once was a word for a state that suppressed dissent and free speech by incarceration and violent beatings.

That word today is America.

h/t, Duncan.