Testing The Limits Of Newspeak

by tristero

It's true: conservatism is postmodernism made flesh. How else to explain this incredibly bizarre contradictory nonsense, breathtaking in its stupidity and mind-blowing in its lack of irony? Background: It turns out the far right is funding college courses. Now, behold:
“These are not ideological courses,” said James Piereson, a senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute, which created the Veritas Fund for Higher Education to funnel donations to these sorts of projects. The initiatives are only political insofar as they “work against the thrust of programs and courses in gender, race and class studies, and postmodernism in general,” he said.
Oh, and the article tells us, don't worry, be happy, all they want to do is fund the teaching of Plato and Martin Luther KIng. And if you believe that, there's a first edition of Mao's translation of Atlas Shrugged I'd like to sell you.

Trojan Horse , anyone? Once colleges become dependent on rightwing moolah tied to specific course offerings, and they certainly will, you'll find MLK dropped like a hot potato - but not Plato because, after all all, Leo Strauss hearts the old pederast. And they'll replace Rev. King with the likes of Westbrook Pegler or some other loony tune.