Colin Powell and $150 Million

by dday

Colin Powell walked into the Beltway's St. Patrick's Cathedral, Meet the Press, and endorsed Barack Obama today. Hopefully that'll turn out better than the vials of anthrax. This is devastating for McCain, of course, because Colin Powell was John McCain before John McCain became John McCain, if that makes any sense at all. He was the Very Serious GOP Daddy who everybody in the media establishment fell all over admiring. Heck, even Oliver Stone gives him a wet kiss in "W." And so Powell's rejection of McCain shows that the GOP nominee is no longer worthy of admiration.

But rather than one man's endorsement, I'm more impressed with the 3.1 million endorsers who have supported Barack Obama, with an average contribution of under $100, from retirees to students, and who donated $150 million dollars in the 30 days of September.

Those are endorsements I can get behind.