Fair And Balanced

by digby

Sarah W. Palin got booed. As planned.

Here's Perlstein to explain:

Sarah Palin will drop the ceremonial first puck at the Philadelphia Fliers' season opener, and we liberals have been laughing at what a terrible idea this is: Philadelphia sports fans are notoriously crude and boorish. They may well start throwing things at Sister Sarah, shout obscenities, start chanting about how Alaska's First Milf ought to show us her...well, you get the idea. Ha! How stupid can the McCain campaign be?

Well, as my longtime readers know, whenever I see a liberal laughing at a conservative, I reach for my buzzkill gun.

I know I promised not to flack my book anymore today. But I've got NIXONLAND on the brain. Maybe the McCainiacs—with a Rovian assist?—know what they're doing. Maybe they chose Philadelphia because they WANT lunks throwing things at her and all the rest, to stage a morality play about how big-city lib'ruls are uncivil punks who disprect the virtuous true womanhood of the heartland (this year's GOP's version of "feminism"). Maybe this is Haldeman letting a few dozen hippies into the Nixon rally so he could--well, turn to page 531 in your red and black hymnal. Here's old RN on the campaign trail in 1970 in Green Bay, Wisconsin....

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He concludes with this:

As I noted earlier today, right-wing crowds are getting pretty surly heading into the home stretch of this election, perhaps even unto the point of imminent violence. Wouldn't it be convenient if the sage solon McCain, if and when his supporters somewhere get too frisky, he could intone thoughtfully from a platform how much all Americans should regret and rebuke the violence on both sides this year?

It wouldn't surprise me a bit.