Good For Rachel Maddow

by dday

She is officially a force on the cable scene, and I can hardly wait for the Maddow imitators to pop up. Imagine, someone that can hold an intelligent conversation on cable news. The other thing about this is that Maddow's beliefs were extremely well-known at the outset - there's no need to read the tea leaves of her statements desperately searching for validation or anything. This isn't some accidental liberal making his or her way onto the teevee.

It's still a pretty lonely outpost, of course. Maddow isn't a Villager.

But I do hope that, after the election, Maddow puts her intellect to good use and starts dissecting the actual issues facing the country. She has a strong grasp of them, but I imagine the MSNBC "Place for Politics" personality is constricting her. Obviously the election is going to swamp coverage for the next two weeks, but I hope that afterwards she presents a picture of what can be possible in cable news.