by digby

Has there ever been a more perfect coda to the corrupt, big money Republican rule than the conviction of Ted Stevens on all counts?

Alaska clearly needs to clean up its act. Luckily, the Democrats have a great Blue America candidate, Mark Begich, ready and willing to do the clean-up. If you would like to help, you can do so here.

keep in mind that Alaska is a very red state. They have even been known to elect wingnut Wasilla mayors to the governorship rather than a highly qualified Democratic ex-governor and mayor of Anchorage.

So don't count on Stevens' conviction not leading to his reelection. It could happen. Obviously, he wouldn't be able to serve out his term. But one Sarah W. Palin would be the one to appoint his replacement to the Senate. It wouldn't surprise me if she appointed herself. I think she's got the chutzpah 9and the wardrobe) to do it, don't you?