Newtie's New Contract

by digby

A reader received this from Newt Gingrich's group "American Solutions for Winning The Future" this morning. This is the refined version of his earlier "plan" to bail out the economy. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

I particularly like the amazing chutzpah of suggesting that repealing mark to market and Sarbanes-Oxley will solve the problem. See, what caused the financial crisis was too much regulation which made the companies less accountable than they were before. You just have to love the stubbornness with which these guys cling to their delusions even in the face of stone cold reality.

The "make America more like Singapore and Ireland" are unusual for the exceptionalist crowd, but maybe this is a sort of progress... The rest is a hodgepodge of wingnut wet dreams and traditional pitchfork populist war cries.

Don't underestimate the political power of foolishness like this, however. It's all got a certain intuitive logic even if it is completely incoherent. Complicated problems are often subject to this kind of manipulation and Newtie is very good at finding that particular sweet spot of illogic that will appeal to average Americans who have absorbed just enough conservative propaganda to feel that what he says just "makes sense."