No There There

by tristero

As the lead federal prosecutor of the Weathermen in the 1970s (I was then chief of the criminal division in the Eastern District of Michigan and took over the Weathermen prosecution in 1972), I am amazed and outraged that Senator Barack Obama is being linked to William Ayers’s terrorist activities 40 years ago when Mr. Obama was, as he has noted, just a child.

Although I dearly wanted to obtain convictions against all the Weathermen, including Bill Ayers, I am very pleased to learn that he has become a responsible citizen.

Because Senator Obama recently served on a board of a charitable organization with Mr. Ayers cannot possibly link the senator to acts perpetrated by Mr. Ayers so many years ago.
Game, set, match. And then we get a very interesting final paragraph:
I do take issue with the statement in your news article that the Weathermen indictment was dismissed because of “prosecutorial misconduct.” It was dismissed because of illegal activities, including wiretaps, break-ins and mail interceptions, initiated by John N. Mitchell, attorney general at that time, and W. Mark Felt, an F.B.I. assistant director.
Got that? The indictment of Weathermen failed because of illegal wiretaps and other corrupt behavior on the part of a Republican administration.

(And for those of you who remember your history, W. Mark Felt is none other than Deep Throat which, since he colluded in this illegal activity, should give you some indication of how seriously lawless Nixon was that he agreed to become the Watergate whistleblower.)