Penguin Logic

by tristero

You do know what Penguin Logic is, don't you?

PENGUIN: Will you think about that a moment, my friends? Whenever you've seen Batman, who's he with? Criminals! That's who. You look in the old newspapers, every picture of Batman shows him with thugs and with thieves and hobnobbing with crooks. Whereas my pictures show me always surrounded by whom? By the police! I am an associate of the law!
And now, courtesy Bill Kristol comes a near-perfect meatworld example of Penguin Logic:
Most of the recent mistakes of American public policy, and most of the contemporary delusions of American public life, haven’t come from an ignorant and excitable public. They’ve been produced by highly educated and sophisticated elites.
Well, yes, that's quite true when you think about it. And did you know most baseball spectators pitch a perfect game every time? That's because, let's have some straight-talk here, most of the recent runs and walks allowed are made by players who are actually pitching.

Amazing what you can learn from conservatives. Such smart, mature commentators.