They Do It Toooo

by digby

Has anyone ever heard someone shout the words "terrorist" or "traitor" about John McCain at an Obama really? McCain claims he has:

I thought they would haul out the Palin getting booed thing as evidence that both sides were rude and unmannerly. I didn't think he was just going to make stuff up out of whole cloth.

Or maybe he's recalling the 2000 Republican primary, where Bush partisans were calling him a Manchurian candidate. The terrorist/traitor epithet is a very specific right wing slur, I'm afraid. They even turn a nice profit at it.

Update: Oh my goodness. The rightwingers are enraged that they are being criticized for being enraged:

Insane Rage? Look in the Mirror

“For those who have observed the lunacy that has gripped the Democratic Party and liberals generally over the last seven years, the idea that we are now witnessing ‘Republican rage’ is laughable. Michelle Malkin does a definitive job of reminding us what hate, rage and lunacy really look like. Rage has been the public face of liberalism for the last seven years.

UPDATE: Now crazed Obama supporters are throwing Molotov cocktails. Do you suppose stooges like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman will take this as a sign that Democrats are angry? No, I don't think so either.”

The Molotov cocktails were thrown at a billboard by a couple of drunken morons, btw. But hey, that's pretty much the same as shooting up a church full of people, right?

Malkin wrote a whole book about us unhinged liberals, you'll recall, so she's an expert. It's hard to see how she finds the time what with her exposing people's private information on the internet and stalking sick little kids to determine if they're parents are living in a cardboard box and thus deserve health care.