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You just won't believe this. This is a highly rated talk radio station here in LA (click to enlarge)

H/t to John C who also gave Bill Handel (who comes on just before Rush in morning drive time) a piece of his mind. Here's Bill's email, if you're so inclined:

Update: I received this from Handel's producer:


Someone gave me a heads up about a post on your site.

I just wanted to write to clarify something having to do with your screen image of the promo for our topic from last week "Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?"

The Antichrist topic is one Bill has done every time we've had a new president... he did the topic about Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush. Since there are always religious nutjobs that are convinced that every new American president is, in fact, the Antichrist, we do the segment to show how utterly ridiculous that assertion is.

If you heard the segement, you'd pick up on the obvious sarcasm, and if you didn't...well, I guess you'd miss that and could only judge the topic by the photo. The photo was intended to be a humorous depiction of the topic we discussed, and since the topic is more than a week old, the photo is no longer found on the KFI website.
Just in case you don't know, Bill happens to be a supporter of Barack Obama, both on and off the air. He has been very vocal about his support of Obama and was very happy he was voted our new President.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Michelle Kube
Executive Producer, The Bill Handel Show

Handel's quite the funny fellow, often joking about blacks and Muslims and engaging in other forms of super-fun political incorrectness.(Well, super-fun for those who don't find themselves on the receiving end of people who actually do hate them and "misunderstand" Handel's jokes as some sort of public sanction.) He's not as right wing as the man who follows him on the air (and whose network he's a part of,) Rush Limbaugh, but he's hardly what you'd call liberal. And KFI is a right wing radio station, so it's not surprising that seeing such images on the web site would be taken wrong.

This specific program was inspired by a Newsweek story, which I blogged about here, and which Handel made fun of. But there plenty of people out there who think he really is the anti-Christ and they're just fanatical enough that they might not get the joke.