Center Of The Universe

by digby

Am I the only one who finds it fairly offensive that the TV networks are obsessing about whether or not this Mumbai terrorist attack was really an attack against America?

Yes, it appears that the targets were tourist destinations, and there is some question about western hostages, but the endless speculation about possible American deaths when they are showing pictures of dead Indians all over the place is just unseemly. A terrorist attack in India has many possible motives, so it's a little bit arrogant to assume it's an attack against Americans. After all, there was a large coordinated attack against Indian trains a few years back that was committed by Hindu extremists. It's a big country with a whole lot of people.

Not everything is about the United States.

Update: I should be clear --- it certainly could have been targeted at Americans and be an attack "on Americans." But CNN is just frothing over the possibility when there's very little information to that effect at this point.