From Dday writing on Calitics:

Make my election prediction come out right! This is from Debbie Cook's campaign, via email:

We have volunteers monitoring precincts across the district, and the results look encouraging. Our voters are showing up and Republicans are just not very excited by Rohrabacher.

We need you to help phone from home now, and until the polls close at 8:00.

We need to personally call every Democrat in the district before 7:30 and get them out to vote.

Can you help?

If you can, please email debbiecookforcongress-at-gmail-dot-com and we'll send you the simple instructions to call from home.

Joe Shaw
Communications Director
Debbie Cook for Congress

A Cook victory would be the biggest ideological shift in the entire House of Representatives. She is a Better Democrat who needs your help. Stay for Change and give Debbie Cook a hand. She will make you proud in Washington.

More Than Obama

by digby

I just got off the phone with Darcy Burner. She's upbeat and feels confident, but it's going to be close and she needs every possible voter today. If you know anyone in her district you need to call them. If you are in her district don't think of blowing it off just because the gasbags are calling the election for Obama.

It is very, very difficult to turn a red district blue by unseating an incumbent, but Democrats like Darcy may just get it done this time. But it won't happen if people fail to vote today.

Here in California I heard from some of my spies (Gloria) that the lines in Debbie Cook's district were very long and included lots of young people, which is unusual in the precincts I heard about. Maybe we can take down that awful throwback Dana Rohrabacher too.

Cook and Burner are the faces of the new Democratic party. If they can get elected in these western blue state districts that are changing from conservative strongholds into modern, pragmatic progressivism we will see a more progressive country.

Take nothing for granted. This isn't easy.