Sunday Reruns

by digby

Josh Marshall points out how bizarre it is that the Sunday morning shows are still featuring many more Republicans, even though the whole government is about to be run by Democrats. But, it's even weirder than that. All the gasbags are already obsessed with the next election --- they can't stop talking about the great Republican comeback of 2012. I've heard of withdrawal pains but this is ridiculous.

But then again, it only takes one real liberal to set the Republicans straight. Steve Benen reports:

On ABC's "This Week" earlier, George Will explained his belief that FDR financial/regulatory policies discouraged investment and created an environment in which the "depression became the Great Depression."

Fortunately, Will was sitting next to Paul Krugman.

To hear Will tell it, the Roosevelt administration stood in the way of investors. In a fairly devastating 45 seconds, Krugman not only set the record straight, but explained that it was FDR's desire to balance the budget and cut federal spending that contributed to a decline in 1937.

Don't fuck with the shrill one.

And is it possible to even dream that Will's embarrassing trope, which has only been acceptable up to this point in the outer recesses of wingnutville, will be as vigorously rebutted by every Democrat? After the last few years I think it's fair to say that they can be successful at saying black is white and up is down if nobody says anything... at least for just long enough to make things infinitely worse.

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