Sick and Sicker

by digby

It looks like we all need to be sure we don't have any kind of medical emergency while driving these days or risk being shot through with electricity forfailing to hop to quickly enough when the authorities demand it.

In Oklahoma, a driver goes into severe diabetic shock, but instead of getting help, he's tasered and then handcuffed.

This video shows what happened in El Reno, Oklahoma last month after the man's truck spun out on the interstate.

The town's police chief says his officers thought the 53-year-old man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was resisting arrest.

He says after they realized that wasn't the case, they called an ambulance.

The tape is here. The officers feel bad about what they did, but I have to wonder how police handled situations like this before tasers? Did they shoot them with a gun?

H/t to KL