Old Faithful

by digby

I like Chris Cilizza. But every once in a while he writes something that unwittingly implies that he's been asleep for about 15 years, or at least walking around with only one eye open. His post today is one of those times. Check out this headline:

Is Rush Limbaugh the New Face of the GOP?

He does acknowledge in the piece that Limbaugh is credited with being instrumental in creating the Republican majorities that began in 1994, so it's not like he's oblivious to Rush's influence. But let's face facts. Rush Limbaugh has been the face of the Republican Party for a long, long time. And they have been happy to acknowledge it themselves, sending presidents to his show,giving him prestigious awards and writing paeans to his patriotism.

Limbaugh may be the last man standing but that's a sign of his enduring strength as the face (and the id) of the Republican Party. There's nothing new about it.