What's The Real Reason?

by digby

Can someone smarter than I tell me how the smart financial types are explaining this to one another when the stupid rubes aren't listening? Are they just high fiving each other over what a bunch of marks the idiot taxpayers are or do they have a more sophisticated rationale for why the government should be passing our money to banks so they can hoard it?

I guess I find it amazing that these bankers so blithely admit that they are taking money they don't need and are using it for things that won't help the economy. Is this some sort of psychological game that I'm too simpleminded to understand or are they living in an alternate universe where they don't even have to try to explain why it's ok to take huge sums of money from the treasury without any responsibility to use it to help the economy?

Perhaps a Randian could explain how this is supposed to work because I really, really don't get it.

Again, I'm reminded of the run-up to the war. You know the reasons they are giving are complete nonsense, and the reason that seems obvious is so outrageous that you keep thinking there's something you're missing. But you aren't. It's exactly what it seems to be -- powerful interests are just taking what they want because the opportunity is there. And they aren't even trying to hide it.

It's Big Lie Disaster Capitalism happening right before our eyes and considering just how successful they've been at doing it during the last eight years you have to admit that they'd be stupid not to keep right on doing it. We're the stupid ones.