Yes He Will

by digby

This is an excellent day for those who believe in presidential adherence to the rule of law -- the Obama team has chosen an absolutely first rate person to bring back "honor and integrity" to the Office of Legal Council. As Greenwald says this morning," there is probably no official who will have a more significant role in determining the extent to which the Obama administration really does reverse the lawlessness and legal radicalism of the Bush years," and Dawn Johnsen is the perfect choice for such a job. There have been few experts in the field of presidential authority who have been more outspoken and critical of the Bush administration's lawless regime. He literally couldn't have chosen anyone better to signal an abrupt change with the past.

Greenwald highlights some of her writings on the subject and she sounds as if she would not turn a blind eye to any evidence that's uncovered of Bush administration lawbreaking. It's impossible to know if that might happen, but it's very, very good news that President Obama intends to completely reverse course on these executive atrocities. It's not that I particularly doubted that he was going to do it, but picking someone like this says that he means to make it a priority in the new Justice Department and that he wants everyone to know it. Huzzah.