Keeping The Record

by digby

In case you ever wonder whether blogs are useful, I would point you to this post by Gavin over at Sadly No. He took the time to track the deluded scribblings of Donald Luskin over the course of the past year, thus proving once and for all that Luskin is living in another dimension. And he does it in the most entertaining way possible. (Of course, you could just read the very serious Washington Post, where much of this drivel was published, but seeing all the utter idiocy together is what makes it so powerful.)

I don't think blogs are the sine qua non of the political system, but keeping track of the wingnuts is an invaluable service. Hats off to Gavin for wading through that decaying pile of nonsense so we don't have to.

And I ask again: why are we supposed to listen to these people?