The Speech

by digby

For those of you who are unable to hear the speech tonight, here's the prepared text. It's good.

It was very moving to see Justice Ginsberg there.

And, once again, I'm struck by just how relieved I am. I can't even imagine the despair we would be feeling if the last regime were still in charge during these troubled times. (Just remembering the glowering visage of Dick Cheney sitting there is enough to send shivers down my spine.) It's like fate intervened (or just random luck) at the last possible moment. Even the Republicans seem to be letting out a deep breath...

Update: I'm listening to Jindahl and finding it hard to believe that this guy is the great Republican hope.

I'm also getting angry. He, like all conservatives, is a hypocritical, lying jackass. It's really, really hard not to just say that the people who voted for this creep don't want any help and so they shouldn't get any. Unfortunately, there a whole bunch who didn't and a lot of children who don't deserve to pay the price for their parents' folly.

But my God, I'm gobsmacked by the fact that he actually raised Katrina in the way he did, suggesting that they didn't need government help. I just don't know what to say about that.