Transparent Secrecy

by digby

I've heard Plouffe is a control freak but what the hell is up with this?

Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, is slated to appear at the National Press Club to deliver the keynote speech for the Georgetown University and Politico sponsored event "Transition 2009." Except, before he even took the stage, things started to unravel.

Plouffe, it seems, asked that his address be kept off-record even though it was being held in the Press Club, according to an official with Georgetown University.

A rep for Politico said the publication did not sponsor the Plouffe portion of the event. "We don't sponsor off-the-record events," said one staffer with the publication.

I can't imagine why Plouffe needs to hold speeches that are off the record. it's very strange and it lens a little bit more weight to the issues Jane Hamsher raised yesterday, especially when you see Dana Milbank acting like a jackass:

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank protested Plouffe's decision by wearing a make-shift sandwich board that read, "I'm non-Plouffe-d" on one side and "un-Plouff-able" on the other. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Press Club issued a letter (read the text below) emphasizing the group's "strong opposition" to the Obama campaign manager's decision.

I appreciate a sense of humor and much as the next snarky blogger. But his antics trivialize everything and they're not even particularly clever. C'mon.