"We All Hate The Same Things"

by digby

If you get a chance to see the HBO Alexandra Pelosi documentary about the McCain campaign called Right America: Feeling Wronged, do it. If you ever doubted that this is actually two countries, and that there is a very real divide that is unbreachable by any single politician, you won't doubt it after you see these people. I have been hearing various versions of this crap my whole life. They never change. And their most distinguishing characteristic is that they never, ever back down.

These folks were already convinced that the election of Obama ushered in the end of western civilization and all that follows will be seen as a result of that. The inept George W. Bush never existed. (Except he saved us from the boogeyman.) I'm sure these people aren't representative of all conservatives and the film doesn't claim they are. But they sure as hell are representative of the dittoheads who pull the strings of what's left of the Republican party.

Here's an interview in Salon with Alexandra Pelosi. She blames blogs.