Space Cookie

by digby

Peggy Noonan just said on CNN that Obama is doing too much because bailing out the banks is a full time job. Apparently, Peggy thinks the president's job is to burn the midnight oil running spread sheets.

She also thinks the Republicans have missed the boat because they haven't answered the questions: what would you do? She then said that we needed to be very worried about the Chinese and that Rove almost killed the GOP by destroying the base(!)

As for torture, she avoided the talk about "mystery" and "walking away" but she said that the world knows things (torture) were done wrong but that we need to move on. She claims there's no need for investigations but that we need more journalism. And then she gestured to Jon Meechum and Walter Isaacson saying she wants "these two gentlemen to look into everything" and added that the loss of journalism is the greatest threat. She said it all with her usual meandering lugubriousness.

If I had only been listening with half an ear I would have thought that I was hearing some very stoned woman having a stream of consciousness conversation with herself at a Grateful Dead concert. I half expected her to bring up the dolphins again. What in God's name is she smoking? And why is she on my TV?