Things That Are Driving Me Crazy

by digby

I know this is obvious and I'm sure that it's been asked many times. But can someone explain to me how these wingnut freaks can live with the dissonance in their heads when they say in one breath that the Bush administration was absolutely right to employ torture, secret prisons and indefinite detention and in the next breath scream like banshees that Obama is the second coming of Hitler and Stalin, the two most infamous purveyors of torture, secret prisons and indefinite detention of the 20th century? The only way they can explain this is if they believe that Hitler's worst crime was raising taxes and Stalin was a good guy except for the onerous regulations on business. (And now that I think about it, that's exactly what they do believe.)

Another thing that's making me scream incoherently at the television to the point where my cat is hiding in the closet: how can the party that brought the government to a screeching halt just ten years ago over alleged misconduct in the presidential pants now threaten to bring the government to a screeching halt again if anyone investigates potential war crimes? It's quite clear that the only "rule of law" these people care about is one that says you can't lie about your sex life. Maybe if the Department of Justice could find a smoking blow job in the OLC we might get to the bottom of all this.

And finally, it's driving me around the bend that the wingnuts are trying to derail the nominations of Dawn Johnsen and Kathleen Sebelius because of their positions on abortion. These are the same wingnuts who turned completely hysterical when Democrats opposed John Ashcroft as Attorney General because he was on record being against the right to abortion, even though it is the law of the land. Only in wingnut bizarroworld are people disqualified from office for believing in upholding the laws while those who are on record opposing them are qualified to the highest law enforcement office in the land.

Clearly, the reality based community still has its work cut out for it. Don't throw away the tequila and Xanax just yet.