Don't Go There

by digby

Blogger Mark Frauenfelder shared this little illustration with his readers:

It's very nicely done, I think. It's true that the artist is probably a liberal having a little bit of fun (although it could be a Republican too, at this point) but it certainly doesn't seem like something that would terribly upset anyone. And considering the current state of the GOP, it's quite uncontroversial.

Alas, some conservatives were mighty peeved evidently. Liberals are awful depraved human beings for creating such a disrespectful image. So, being a fair and balanced guy, this prompted Frauenfelder to feature the kind of harmless political illustrations conservatives favor:

This is just straight talk too:

Here's some good clean fun:

This one's real laugh riot:

Yes, liberals putting clown make-up on Republican politicians is beyond the pale. They should be ashamed of themselves.