by digby

Yesterday, when I wrote about Representative Tom Davis' blithe "good luck" to the 62 year old woman who couldn't get health insurance, I didn't realize that he was an Obama administration favorite:

Tom Davis, a moderate Republican from Virginia, has emerged as a leading candidate for the Obama Administration's newly created position of cybersecurity czar. Sources familiar with the White House's deliberations on the subject say Obama officials feel a Washington power player would make a better candidate than a tech guru. "They want someone who understands technology issues, but more importantly, knows how to get things done in Washington," says a cybersecurity expert who has been consulted by the White House. "There are very few people who have that combination of skills, and Davis is at the top of that short list."

Perhaps he is a talented technology geek who knows how to "get things done." But there must be at least one person in the country who qualifies for that job who also doesn't think like a French aristocrat circa 1790. Maybe they could put up an ad on Craigslist or something.