Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

by digby

Liz "Baby Dick" Cheney, (as Marcy Wheeler calls her) has been all over television today criticizing President Obama's speech in Cairo.( In fact, I think she may have hit the trifecta, by being on all three cable networks in a neon lime suit.) Here's an example of her contribution to the discussion:

“I think that if we lived in a world where terrorism, and the slaughter of innocents, and Iran’s hegemonic hopes for the Middle East could be met, could be defeated, could be dealt with by sort of hand-holding going forward, then we’d be in a much simpler environment. But these are very, very tough issues. And I was troubled by the extent to which I heard moral relativism.”

For a real sense of her entire message, check out this exchange with James Zogby on CNN.

There has been a lot of speculation about why Dick and Liz have been out there so vociferously criticizing Obama after his having been extremely quiet during the years he was pulling Bush's strings. To me, it sounded like someone who was running for office. After today, I think maybe that's true --- except it looks like its Baby who's running.

But here's the really creepy part -- the daughter of the man who goes on television and defends the torture of innocent people is calling out president Obama for being a moral relativist --- which means that Baby would be running not only on Papa Dick's legacy, but on Mama Dick's too. That scares me more than the lime green pantsuit.