The Old Machine Still Works

by digby

Here's a perfect example of the Republican Noise Machine successfully working the refs:

Conservatives have been relentlessly attacking ABC's upcoming health care special, claiming the network is going to try to "help sell" Obama's health care plan. Diane Sawyer defended the special by saying that the program will include "questions from every single vantage point." However, if today's GMA interview with Obama's health care team is any indication, one group's questions and concerns with the health care plan may be left out: progressives.

You can see the video, here.

This is how it's done. The right wing stages a hissy fit accusing the so-called liberal media of being in the tank for Obama. And the so-called liberal media, which is more afraid of being called the liberal media than being seen as corporate whores, stooges or fools, bends over backwards to ensure that every right wing talking point is aired with the authority of Zeus. They will push, they will prod, they will argue the conservative line vociferously, using their status as advocates for "the people" to make it sound as if they are expressing the doubts of the public at large. They will not mention any liberal concerns because as Atrios pointed out with respect to Froomkin's firing, anyone who has concerns about the super liberal administration's plans from the left is, by definition, a crackpot communist nutcase.

This will end up being a seminar for the American people to understand why they should believe the Republicans instead of their own lying eyes. Again.