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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Toil And Trouble

by digby

In case you were wondering what Glenn Beck thinks about all this right wing violence (and who doesn't?) here it is:

The pot is boiling and this is a warning to all Americans of things to come.

It looks like this was the work of a lone gunman, nut-job, who once wrote an article titled "Hitler's Worst Mistake: He Didn't Gas the Jews." But you're going to see a lot of nut-jobs coming out of the woodwork.

Two very important things are happening here: First, the go-go-go mentality of our enemies. Our country is vulnerable; our enemies know it as much as we do and groups like Al Qaeda are even planning to work with white supremacists (which police say this guy might be), coming through our southern border.

I showed you this scary video last week.

By the way, that was one of not just some average radical teacher, but one of Usama bin Laden's close friends. Does that seem much more relevant in light of what's just happened? We're under attack, America, and we need to look out for enemies foreign and domestic.

Second, there's going to be a witch-hunt for two groups: the Jews and conservatives. Two years ago, I spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu and I told him to look out, because Israel is being set up. Iran's goal of nuclear weapons is putting Israel in the crosshairs.

Those who have read history know that when things go bad, the Jews become scapegoats; and it's happening again.

Meanwhile, there have been Department of Homeland Security reports about right-wing extremists. And left-wing bloggers and others have blamed conservative talk radio hosts like me for stirring the pot, even though we're just pointing out that it's boiling.

Common sense tells you this is not the work of conservatives, but rather the work of someone who is possibly racist or crazy, or most likely both. Common sense also tells you there are very hateful people on the left as well.

The world will use any excuse to come after unpopular groups. Whether you choose to ignore it or not, there's no longer a question of if the pot is boiling. We can all see the pot is boiling.

It doesn't have to make sense, folks. It just has to hit a certain emotional truth. And his audience's "truth" is that al Qaeda is in cahoots with lone nuts to kill Jews and blame it on conservatives --- and they are sneaking in from Mexico with "illegals" to do it. This makes perfect sense to them.

The pot is boiling, he's right about that. Glenn Beck, after all, is a ratings phenomenon on Fox News. And here's a sample of the comments to his little essay:

My mind has been swirling around with the question of “I want to STAND UP as you put it, but what does that MEAN?” At this point in the “game” (because let’s face it, political power is a game to be played by those in office right now) It would seem that writing letters or holding rallies are just not enough anymore. Too much power has been granted to those in office that are seemingly part of the problem. It would appear, at this point, that drastic measures are needed for something to change. Please understand that I am NOT an extremist that is looking for a reason to invoke violence. However, coups and civil wars have been started in other countries over less than what is happening in our country RIGHT NOW. Wasn’t our American civil war based on a war of opinions? Think about that for a moment. President Lincoln knew that we as humans have certain God given rights to freedom and happiness regardless of skin color, but there were others who would dismiss this as being an opinion and that THEIR opinion was the right one – that one race was greater than the other. Because of this, the civil war started.

Are we not finding ourselves in the same predicament today?

I wish there was SOMETHING I knew to do that would sincerely make me feel empowered. But unfortunately, at this point, anything short of exercising the rights of the 2nd amendment and what it truly stands for (guarding ourselves against the tyranny of our own government) I feel would be in vein.

Ok, one more:

I agree with Matt and Glenn. The sad thing is that the right is being set up. In pre-WWII Germany the J`e`w`i`s`h people were set up. It is happening again. Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. This time I don’t think it is the J`e`w`s being set up, but conservatives. W`h`i`t`e fan`atics are being labeled as Republicans, while M`u`s`l`i`m ter`ror`ists who k`i`l`l soldiers in the US are not mentioned. In Germany it was the Depression that was the catalyst. Today it is???? Looks like the same thing to me.

On Krystal Knacht , or The Night of Broken Glass, on 11- 10,11 -1938 Germany m`u`r`d`e`r`e`d 91 Jews and rounded up 20-30,000 and sent them to Conc`ent`ration Camps. Many think this was the beginhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifning of the ex`term`in`ation of the J`e`w`s. If we continue the way we are going what will be our Krystal Knacht?

There you have it. The right wing is black and Jewish.

The pot is boiling their brains out evidently.

Update: David Neiwert has much more on beck's little rant, including video. Get out your handkerchiefs.

h/t to bb