Back In The Saddle

by digby

Brilliant political observers and Village savants, Chris Matthews, Charlie Cook and Chuck Todd say the country has lost confidence in Obama and that the Dems could very well lose the congress next time. It seems to be the fault of the tax 'n spend "redistributionist" liberal hippies and Obama needs to be much more responsive to the Blue Dogs, who hold the key to success if he will only seize it.

Cook says that Obama is already a failure because he didn't do health care in a bipartisan fashion and that not enacting malpractice reform was his biggest mistake.

And Matthews says that Obama was racial profiling when he defended Henry Louis Gates. Later in the show he got very self-righteous about Beck calling Obama a racist. (Self-awareness isn't Tweety's strong suit.)

They've turned. If it weren't for the Republicans acting like circus clowns, it would be even worse.

Update: Matthews also says that provisions that allow people to consult about living wills is a leftist plot (that has something to do with abortion, in his mind) and the right has good reason to object.