Newspeak 2.0

by tristero

Here is a trick question: Which one of these statements should you believe to be true?

Headline in New York Times:
Rove Says His Role in Prosecutor Firings Was Small
Headline in Washington Post:
Rove Had Heavier Hand in Prosecutor Firings Than Previously Known
The answer? Both, of course! C'mon folks, stop living in the past! We live in the golden age of non-contradiction (obscure Ayn Rand parody intended). In less sophisticated times, it would be absolutely clear that Rove was bullshitting like a stampeding herd on Ex-Lax. Not any longer, not in the modern era.

We now live in a world where professional white man Lou Dobbs insists he "believes" Obama is a US citizen AND he believes Obama should produce his birth certificate. We now live in a world where professional ding dong Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist (a non-contradiction in itself) AND insists he's not saying Obama doesn't like white people. Got a problem with that? They don't, nor do their bosses, nor do their legions upon legions of supporters.

So now you know how to make sense of the news in the Third Millenium. Rove had a larger role in the attorney general saga than previously known. And his role has been overestimated. An assertion and its refutation co-exist equally in today's America, and both are equally valid.

We are waaaaay beyond Orwell, people.