Weenies On Greenies

by digby

I think we often make the mistake that the worst journalism in the world is on FOX News political shows, followed closely by the horrors of CNN and MSNBC and the lowest forms of the MSM. But that is incorrect. The very worst, the lowest of the low, journalism so bad that it is almost enough to make your brain explode, is the financial news media, in particular the cretinous greedheads and wingnut homunculi of CNBC.

This is what the Masters of the Universe mainline from dawn to dusk and it tells you a lot about why they are the way they are. It requires megadoses of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to cleanse the brain of such toxic pollution and I doubt that most of the Wall Street Playas have the time, what with all the graft, corruption and outright theft they have on their plates right now.

If you doubt me, just watch this clip from earlier today.

Hayes is a very nice man and smart enough to intellectually drop kick this bozo, which he very capably did without batting an eye. But he's also something like 6'20". This snotty little twit should be grateful they weren't actually in the same room.