Article Of Faith

by digby

Harold Pollack has written a thoughtful response (much more thoughtful that she deserves) to Sarah Palin's claim that health care reform would result in the euthanizing of baby Trig. But Pollack attributes the talking points for this trope to Betsy McCaughey's op-ed piece, which may be true for policy and political elites, most certainly isn't for social conservatives likie Palin. As I wrote earlier, health reform resulting in euthanasia is is a strong article of faith among the right to life movement and has been for many years.

This isn't the most important thing in the world, and Pollack's article focuses on the role of Ezekial Emmanuel, which is directly related to McCaughey's piece (and whose work is being misconstrued and used to spam blogs.) But I continue to find it a bit surprising that people didn't see this particular line of attack coming since it's been out there for so long --- and we just endured the Schiavo circus a few short years ago.

This stuff is so fully absorbed into the psyche's of the social conservatives that all you have to do is whisper the word "euthanasia" Manchurain Candidate-style to activate the freakshow. Op-eds in the Washington Post are for the villagers, not the folks.